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31 May

Hey everyone!

First off let me apologize that I haven’t posted anything in FOREVER! It feels like my life has actually begun to start 🙂 I’ve been looking for a job, getting ready to be a senior, and I’ve got myself a wonderful doodle (copyright Brian Innis :3 hehe) Also my most favorite person in the world has released his sophmore album and OMG O.o it is AMAZING!!!! Adam Lambert’s new album Trespassing is probably one of the best things ever! Now I know some people will be like, “oh but hes gross…hes gay…” etc. but get over it! This man is as talented as it gets! (He is also my future ex husband…ex because…well he prfers men lol) Anywhoodle (curse you Brian!!), if you haven’t listened to it….well you are deprived from life! Jk, but seriously give it a listen and tell me how it makes you feel 🙂 And here are some sexy pictures of Adam including the album art:

Well that’s all I have to say and remember, love is worth the wait!
Morgan Cheyenne


Gotye say what!

28 Apr

So apparently the band Gotye didn’t like Glees rendition of their song Somebody I Used to Know. That’s crazy!! I mean it was Darren Criss who sang it! D: Darren Criss is frickin’ amazing!! But I also can see why you wouldn’t like it when it makes you’re sales go down on a song….but also that shouldn’t have had made sales go down because he is soooo awesome! And hot…just saying 😉 I guess I’m a little biased lol


Alright well that’s all and remember, love is worth the wait!

Morgan Cheyenne


26 Apr

Hello everyone!

Today is a great day! Its also a sad day tho. As a junior, I just took my final TAKS test!! 😀 TAKS are the stupidest tests in the world! I hate them so much and I’m glad I never have to take another one ever again. But I wanted to talk about my dreams and how having big dreams is actually a good thing 🙂 my biggest dream is to be on Broadway or do something with acting. Its the one thing I love to do more than anything else! This is me in my Sweeney Todd costume 🙂


I’m Mrs. Lovett! Yay!! 😀 but I’m performing Worst Pies in London tonight after we get done doing our play Monkey Soup for the last time 😦 I love being on stage and it’s the one thing I want to do for the rest of my life. People always told me to shoot for the stars when I was little but now they say “lets be realistic” Well people I’m still shooting for the stars!! Ill never give up my dreams and neither should you 🙂 If you have a big dream, go for it and work hard to achieve it! Being realistic is overrated and pointless! Lol I mean if everyone was realistic the Van Gogh would have given up after he cut his ear off 😛 haha Ya see? You’ve got to keep going! Live your dreams!!

Okay see you tomorrow and remember, love is worth the wait!

Morgan Cheyenne


25 Apr

So have you ever been sitting in a movie thinking ‘Oh the previews to this were so good I bet it’s gonna be awesome!’ Then you’re watching it and the story is great but all of a sudden here comes a naked man and he’s got his junk out!! I mean I like boys but the first time I saw a penis I was like…


Of course it was a gross penis and not all are completely ugly though most…..Anywho! I really don’t like seeing a penis or boobs on the big screen 😛 if I wanted to see that, that’s what free porn is for! Lol but paying $9 to go to the cinema and sit down and the first thing I see is a penis just peeves me! So this was my rant on how I hate seeing sex organs in movies 🙂 Am I ridiculous? Let me know!

Till tomorrow and remember, love is worth the wait!
Morgan Cheyenne

Best friends!

24 Apr

Sorry no posts yesterday, but I just discovered the WordPress app!! 😀 So now I can post at school and not have to worry about it! Anywho today’s post is about best friends. More importantly how you know when you have a true best friend or not. This is my best friend Sarah and I:


We have been friends since she moved here in 4th grade. That means we’ve been friends for 7 years! Epic right? Lol 🙂 Sometimes you would think we hated each other if you saw us arguing but then you realize we argue because we are just that close!! haha I mean, who wouldn’t realize we are best friends when they see us walking arm in arm down the hall 🙂 When you know that person is really a best friend is when you call each other whores and then hug right afterwards lol Sarah Ann, you are my whore and I love you always!! So keep looking for that amazing best friend and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be as lucky as meeeeeeee!!!

Well that’s all for today and remember, love is worth the wait!
Morgan Cheyenne


23 Apr

Hello everyone!

So it has been a wonderful day of vegging out and watching Doctor Who on Netflix lol 🙂 but there is one thing I want everyone to do…..ADD ME ON SKYPE!! I seriously love skyping people and honestly I need to make some new friends!! Now look for my skype name morgancheyenne16 and add me because it would make me soooo happy! lol Here is my skype pic:

Anywho, please please please add me? Kay thanks! 😛 lol I also hope everyone had a fantastic Sunday and let me tell you its looking to be an amazing week! 🙂

See you tomorrow and remember, love is worth the wait!!
Morgan Cheyenne

New Life!

22 Apr

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to start blogging! I can’t wait to get some amazing things out there onto the interweb!! 😀 To start things off I’m going to let you guys in on a little piece of my life. I’m Morgan Cheyenne! I’m 16. I’m actually smarter than a 16 year old most of the time but I don’t like to show it 😛 lol I am young so I do say “lol” and “haha” often but only so you know when I’m laughing haha 🙂 I’ll always be young at heart as well! One of my favorite activities is coloring! lol I’m deathly afraid of being alone and feet! ugh feet! I also am obsessed with music! Any music is amazing, except country most times 😛 I love to draw and I’m hoping to travel the world one day so I can visit these places: Rome, London, Germany (so i can get back to my roots), and Japan! 🙂 I’m obsessed with Adam Lambert!!! He is sooooo amazing! Anywho, this is me X3

So there you go! 🙂 There is a little brief on who I am. You should definitely follow me and I will post everyday! Also go follow The Duke of Design! Brian is so amazing 🙂

Alright until next time! 🙂 and remember, Love is worth the wait!
Morgan Cheyenne