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31 May

Hey everyone!

First off let me apologize that I haven’t posted anything in FOREVER! It feels like my life has actually begun to start 🙂 I’ve been looking for a job, getting ready to be a senior, and I’ve got myself a wonderful doodle (copyright Brian Innis :3 hehe) Also my most favorite person in the world has released his sophmore album and OMG O.o it is AMAZING!!!! Adam Lambert’s new album Trespassing is probably one of the best things ever! Now I know some people will be like, “oh but hes gross…hes gay…” etc. but get over it! This man is as talented as it gets! (He is also my future ex husband…ex because…well he prfers men lol) Anywhoodle (curse you Brian!!), if you haven’t listened to it….well you are deprived from life! Jk, but seriously give it a listen and tell me how it makes you feel 🙂 And here are some sexy pictures of Adam including the album art:

Well that’s all I have to say and remember, love is worth the wait!
Morgan Cheyenne