25 Apr

So have you ever been sitting in a movie thinking ‘Oh the previews to this were so good I bet it’s gonna be awesome!’ Then you’re watching it and the story is great but all of a sudden here comes a naked man and he’s got his junk out!! I mean I like boys but the first time I saw a penis I was like…


Of course it was a gross penis and not all are completely ugly though most…..Anywho! I really don’t like seeing a penis or boobs on the big screen 😛 if I wanted to see that, that’s what free porn is for! Lol but paying $9 to go to the cinema and sit down and the first thing I see is a penis just peeves me! So this was my rant on how I hate seeing sex organs in movies 🙂 Am I ridiculous? Let me know!

Till tomorrow and remember, love is worth the wait!
Morgan Cheyenne


One Response to “Whaaaat!”

  1. pyrosmoothiesarahann April 27, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    I look like Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame! XD Gosh, I hate that picture lol

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