Best friends!

24 Apr

Sorry no posts yesterday, but I just discovered the WordPress app!! 😀 So now I can post at school and not have to worry about it! Anywho today’s post is about best friends. More importantly how you know when you have a true best friend or not. This is my best friend Sarah and I:


We have been friends since she moved here in 4th grade. That means we’ve been friends for 7 years! Epic right? Lol 🙂 Sometimes you would think we hated each other if you saw us arguing but then you realize we argue because we are just that close!! haha I mean, who wouldn’t realize we are best friends when they see us walking arm in arm down the hall 🙂 When you know that person is really a best friend is when you call each other whores and then hug right afterwards lol Sarah Ann, you are my whore and I love you always!! So keep looking for that amazing best friend and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be as lucky as meeeeeeee!!!

Well that’s all for today and remember, love is worth the wait!
Morgan Cheyenne


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